(1875 – 1946)

Catalan painter. The “painter of dancers

Josephine Sarazin de Belmont

(1790 – 1870)

Joséphine Sarrazin de Belmont is a landscape painter of great sensitivity. A great traveler, she discovered Germany and Italy

Alfred Stevens

(1823 – 1906)

Alfred Stevens is a Belgian painter in Paris. It plays a leading role in the dialogue between the two nations, alternately Belgian in France and French in Belgium. If Courbet…

Roger Chastel
(1897 – 1981)

Painter of the school of Paris between figuration and abstraction.
In his work strongly influenced by cubism, he seeks the essential through synthesis and refinement…

Emilie Charmy

(1878 – 1974)

Wife of the famous painter George Bouche, she began in Lyon, and, although settled in Saint-Cloud in the Parisian suburbs, she continued to exhibit there throughout her career…

Andre Barbier

(1883 – 1970)

In 1903, André Barbier moved to Paris and befriended the genius of Impressionism, Claude Monet. He also frequents Alain Marquet, Maurice Denis, Georges D’Espagnat…

Louis Legrand

(1921- 2015)

Louis Legrand was born in 1963 in Dijon. Painter, watercolourist, engraver and illustrator, he is a multifaceted artist…

Frederic Cordey

(1854 – 1911)

Frédéric Samuel Cordey evolves with the Impressionists, he presents four paintings with the group for the fourth Impressionist exhibition in 1877. Pupil of Isodor Pils and…

Jacqueline Marval

(1886 – 1932)

Jacqueline Marval is a painter from the end of the 19th century and the turn of the 20th century. Born in 1866 from a family of teachers near Grenoble, she only arrived…

gen paul

(1895 – 1975)

Eugène Paul was born rue Lepic, in the heart of Montmartre. Her mother was an embroiderer and her father a café musician. He began to paint at an early age. Her…

Gustave Singier

(1878 – 1974)

Gustave Singier was born in Belgium and lived in Paris until the effervescence of 1980. All his life, the painter evolves in a prolific creative universe. he paints a few cartoons for…

Angel Zarraga

(1878 – 1974)

Ángel Zárraga comes from a wealthy family of the Mexican bourgeoisie. He studied at the Fine Arts School in Mexico City before going to Brussels, Madrid, Toledo and Florence…

Casimir Reymond
(1893 – 1969)

Painter and sculptor, originally from Vaulion, in the Vaudois Jura, Casimir Reymond studied at the School of Fine Arts in Geneva.

Lerolle photo peintre

Henry LEROLLE ( 1848 -1929)

Henry Lerolle is a French naturalist painter on the fringe of the Impressionist movement. In the 1880s, he painted outdoor scenes of women at work, shepherds, water carriers, harvesters in the countryside.