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The Laurence and Ernesto Ballesteros Gallery, specialized in paintings from the 17th to the 20th century, welcomes you to its website!
We offer an eclectic and quality selection of small and large masters of painting. You will be able to follow the gallery’s news, find out about the works currently on sale and learn more about the artists. We invite you to visit the gallery located at the Biron market (Puces de saint Ouen), you will be welcomed with a smile…

Joaquín PEINADO (1898 – 1975) Still life .2024-06-01T14:16:20+00:00
Joaquín PEINADO (1898 - 1975) Nature morte
Alexandre SAKHAROFF (1886 – 1963) – Dancers.2024-06-07T10:20:58+00:00
Alexandre SAKHAROFF(1886 - 1963) Danseurs
Augustin CARRERA (1875 – 1952) A Provençal landscape2024-06-08T11:19:21+00:00
Augustin Carrera (1875, 1952) paysage provençal
Henri DOUCET (1883 – 1915), Paris, Luxembourg Gardens2024-03-09T10:52:21+00:00
Henri DOUCET (1883 - 1915) Au jardin du Luxembourg
Eugène GEN PAUL (1895 – 1975) Champagne!2024-03-16T14:06:30+00:00
GEN PAUL Eugène (1895 - 1975) Champagne
The Bay of Algiers by Albert DABAT ( 1869-1935 )2023-12-06T18:20:55+00:00
Albert DABAT (1859 - 1935) Vue de la baie d’Alger



Alfred Stevens (1823- 1906)

Alfred Stevens (1823- 1906)

Émilie Charmy (1878 – 1974)

Louis Legrand (1921 - 2015

Louis Legrand (1921 – 2015)


Gallery specialized in paintings from the 17th to the 20th century

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8 June 2023|

On the occasion of the "Pastels, de Millet à Redon" exhibition at the Musée d'Orsay, which we have just visited, we are delighted to highlight our magnificent pastel, dated [...]

It’s summer at the Ballesteros Gallery…

25 November 2021|

Juilletists and Augustians ? Between mountain fans, Sunday fishermen and nature lovers, the Ballesteros Gallery has something to make you smile. Most artists took advantage of the summer period [...]

  • Pauline DELACROIX-GARNIER (1859 - 1912 7

It’s fall ! Discover our fall selections

13 November 2021|

AUTUMN PAINTERS It's Autumn at the Galerie Ballesteros… Gold and shades of orange, brown and plum take over painters' brushes to welcome the new season. Under the particular light [...]


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