Snacking on the rocks, 1920s
Oil on canvas (protected by an old paper)
Signed at the bottom center
Numbered N°36 and titled on the back “Le gouter”.
Dimensions: 60 x 73cm
With frame: 82 x 95 cm

Here, Georges Guinegault represents a charming seaside scene, probably located in northern Brittany.
Three characters installed on the rocks enjoy the joys of a picnic in the open air. Fruits and drinks are the feast.
In the background, a mother and her child, facing the big blue, admire the horizon.
The atmosphere is summery. The clothes of the protagonists evoke the softness of the 1920s; the cloche hats protect the eyes from the sun.
The whiteness of the rocks illuminates the scene. A clear and bright palette mainly in beige is enhanced by fresh purple, orange or yellow colors.

Georges Guinegault studied in the studio of Eugène Delâtre, painter and teacher at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. In June 1913, he won the general competition of decorative composition of the school.

He paints Paris, the seashores of the English Channel and the Atlantic – in particular the Hague and Brittany (Quiberon, Saint-Malo). The painter makes his colors and his desire to paint travel to the Riviera (Saint-Tropez), the Pyrenees, the Beauce and the Basque country. In addition, he tried to represent orientalist scenes during his stay in Morocco (Marrakech, Meknes…).

In addition to his landscapes, he also painted portraits and academies (anatomies and nudes, in large numbers).