Carlos deHaes

Return from fishing , circa 1870
Oil on canvas
Trace of signature in the lower left corner
Dimensions: 65 x 117cm
Price upon request

The scene represents the arrival of some fishermen on a beach. The painter represents the movement of the waves and the moods of the sky with subtlety.
It gives pride of place to nature; the sky occupies three-quarters of the painting. The elements of nature are magnified and take precedence over the animated scene.
The painter details the landscape with precision, draws the shore with finesse. It realistically translates the efforts of fishermen, returning from fishing.
The touch is removed, sometimes brushed with thickness and strength, sometimes smooth and shiny, testifying to a pre-impressionist modernity.
A few sailboats enliven the horizon line, punctuating the sea to provide depth on the right, in contrast to the frontality of the rock on the left.

The large format offers a panoramic view of the stage; it invites the viewer to enter the work.

Biography :

Carlos de Haes is a painter born in Brussels and died in Madrid. The painter, specializing in the representation of powerful and realistic landscapes, leaves a considerable work of drawings, sketches, sketches and canvases behind him. He made a career in Madrid; teaches landscape painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid; frequents Goya and Martinez.


• Madrid, Prado Museum, Museum of Romanticism; Barcelona, National Art Museum of Catalonia.