Project Description

Vincenzo Migliaro

Oil on panel
Signed upper right
Dimensions: 10 x 18cm
with frame: 26.5 x 33.5 cm
Price: 7500 €

Vincent Migliaro represents a scene full of smiles and tenderness. A woman, nurse or mother, supports a naked child. It stands on a cut trunk, like a sculpture on its base. The touch is free and suggested, without the painting being devoid of precision and delicate details.

After learning the art of engraving, he was a pupil of the sculptor Stanislao Lista (1824-1908) then of Federico Maldarelli (1826-93), Raffaele Postiglione (1818-97) and Domenico Morelli at the Beaux-Arts in Naples.

In 1877 he won second prize in a national painting competition. Subsequently, he traveled for some time to Paris and Venice.

At the time, two opposing trends came together in Migliaro’s style: on the one hand, a spontaneous approach scrupulously respecting the effects of light and atmosphere, on the other, a roughness and imprecision resulting in distortion and lack of realism.

He painted figures, landscapes and genre scenes. His main source of inspiration was the customs, life and people of the small Neapolitan people, as well as the activity of the residents of the Spanish quarter.

The last years of his life, he was appointed director of painting at the Academy of Naples. He exhibited in Turin, Venice, Naples and Paris.

Museums :
• Naples (Museum of Modern Art), Rome (Museum of Modern Art)


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