Marguerite Mary Darbour

Naked languid
Oil on canvas
Signed lower left
Dimensions: 54 x 65cm
With frame: 76 x 87 cm
Price: 6800 €

A lot of sensuality emanates from this delicate female academy. The blond helmet, the soft eyes, the rosy cheeks and the body surrender completely to the eye of the painter, who represents her in a precious setting of fabrics, cushions and silks. The subject, the oval format to the decor of the Toile de Jouy evoke the gallant and libertine scenes of the 18th century, by Boucher and Fragonard.

The shades of pink and white, enhanced with pale blue, ranging from the pink of the complexion to the pink reflections of the kimono, sheets and pillowcases embellished with lace to the vermilion pink of the lips and the toile de jouy background.

Marguerite, Mary Darbour was born in Florence, a city from which she will keep the taste for colors, the perfect skin tones of Renaissance Madonnas and for silks. She completed her studies in Paris at the end of the 19th century under the watchful eye of Henri Gervex.

She exhibited female figures, nudes, portraits and landscapes at the Salon des Indépendants in 1903, as well as at the Salons de la Nationale and des Tuileries in 1920. The female nude is the artist’s favorite subject, the one she treats best and which gives us her best paintings.