Louis Roy

Fruits and pitcher, synthesist still life
Oil on canvas
Signed lower right
Dimensions: 31.5 x 42cm
Price upon request.

Illuminated by an overhead light, all the components of the still life stand out in a perfect cloisonnism between shadow and light. The balance and modernity of the painting are accentuated by the brushed treatment of the fruits, the pitcher, the basket and the table. The key makes this painting an exceptional representation of the aesthetics of Pont-Aven.

Louis Roy is a painter born in Poligny, in the Jura. In the spring of 1889, Louis Roy presented seven paintings at the Volpini exhibition of the group of Impressionists and Synthetists. His participation demonstrates the close link he has with Paul Gauguin and his entourage.

The Nabis generation absorbed the lesson of Fauvism and the representatives of this new aesthetic. André Mellerio describes their work as the “idealist movement in painting. “.


• Louis Roy has appeared in collective or personal exhibitions, in museums or galleries in Paris, Pont-Aven, Zurich and New York.

• In Paris: Musée d’Orsay, Musée du Louvre (department of paintings, cabinet of graphic arts).

• In France: Cnap, Brest Fine Arts Museum.