Louis Adolphe Hervier

The mill
Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 41 x 66cm
With frame: 57 x 81 cm
Price: 4800 €

Louis Hervier painter, watercolorist and engraver was a delicate landscape painter. His father, the miniaturist Marc Antoine, a former student of Jean Louis David, taught him his first rudiments then he studied with Léon Cogniet, Descamps and Eugène Isabey.

He is supported and encouraged by Camille Corot. He borrows his motifs from Beauce, Ile de France, Picardy and the South but it is in Normandy, where he goes regularly, that he draws most of his themes, seascapes, rural scenes, groves crossed by a river.

Hervier knew how to break with the models of painting in favor of his emotion in the face of the motif; he asserts himself as an authentic pre-impressionist. By frank and just touches, he builds his landscape which he animates with a magnificently felt light.

Museums :

• Banners of Bigorre, Blois, Dijon, Montpellier and The Hague fine arts museums.