Adolphe Roehn

Bivouac of soldiers in front of a castle , circa 1820
Oil on canvas
Signed bottom left
Size: 60×73
With frame: 80.5 x 93 cm
Oak frame gilded with gold leaf.
Price: 8500 €

The painter gives us here a scene of the daily life of the soldiers rather than a combat scene. The atmosphere is relaxed; the soldiers eat their fill and warm themselves around a fire at the foot of a castle.

In the background a pretty panoramic view of the valley and the sky allows us to embrace the whole landscape.

Adolphe Roehn begins to paint in a self-taught way, without a master, historical scenes, then later, he specializes in genre painting and portraits.

He appeared in the Paris Salons from 1799 to 1866.

In 1831, he held a drawing and painting workshop for women.

He won the silver medal in the competition at the 1810 Painting and Sculpture Salon with The Day after the Battle of Eylau , commissioned by the Prince of Neufchâtel; then the gold medal at the Salon of 1819. He also won two other medals at the exhibitions in Lille in 1824 and Douai in 1826.

  • The Battle of Marengo , 1801, in collaboration with M. Gadbois
  • Halt of soldiers , 1804. (reproduced by lithographs)
  • Interview of Napoleon I and Alexander I on the Niemen. June 25, 1807, 1808.
  • French and Russian military hospital in Marienbourg. June 1807, 1808 (interpreted in engraving by Friedrich Schroeder (1768-1839)).
  • Vivant Denon returning to their tombs the remains of Cid and Chimene , 1809.
  • The day after the Battle of Eylau , 1809.
  • Napoleon’s bivouac on the battlefield of Wagram. Night of July 5 to 6, 1809, 1810 (interpreted in engraving by Heinrich Guttenberg ).
  • Bonaparte receives at Millesimo the flags taken from the enemy. April 16, 1796, 1812.
  • Entry of the French army into Danzig. May 27, 1807, 1812.
  • Louis XVI, at the sojourn of the blessed, receives the Duke of Enghien (1814).
  • 1830, Tarbes Museum of Fine Arts
  • Combat at Gillette, October 19, 1793 1.
  • Capture of the Perulle camp. April 10, 1793, 1836.
  • Entry of the French army into Chambéry. September 25, 1792, 1837.

Museums: Paris, Musée Marmottan; Avignon; Le Havre; Versailles.