Edmond Lempereur

The boat trip – Circa 1900.
Oil on canvas
Signed lower left
Dimensions: 55x46cm,
With frame: 72 x 63.5 cm

On the banks of the Marne or the Seine, an elegant woman concealed by her parasol is about to leave for a boat trip. Further on, the eye lands on boats signified by simple lines. The painter animates the surface of the water with the reflections of the sky, its clouds and the surrounding vegetation. The palette in shades of blue and green, punctuated by a few hints of bright colors is underlined by dark circles, typical of the painter.
From Claude Monet whom he admired, he retains his impressionist sensibility in the treatment of light. Painter of suggestion rather than description, his drawing prefers a broad, brushed and unctuous touch where many colors intertwine.
We can travel through the twists and turns of this very personal and highly modern touch.

Edmond Lemperor painted landscapes around Paris, the banks of the Marne and the Seine, racetracks, brasserie and café scenes, guinguettes, café-concerts. The artist passed away prematurely, at the age of 33. French painter, draftsman and engraver, he is a member of the Society of Independent Artists.

A posthumous exhibition of all of his work took place in 1926.


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